Spanish Bebida: Clara

Spanish bebida: Clara if anyone knows anything about Spain during the summer they know it is deathly H-O-T and humid combined. For something refreshing seek out a Clara, part lemon part beer. I know the mix may seem quite grosse but let me tell you, ice cold and served up correctly, you will have the perfect kick to your almuerzo para empezar su siesta 🙂 check the link for the recipe to make your own. I am going to try using San pelligrino sparkling lemon! Let’s see!



Cream Cheese Frosting Recipe that is to die for!

Cream Cheese Recipe that is to die for!

Thank you Martha for being so fabulous (and slightly neurotic)! She was right in that it makes a lot of frosting – I used it on a box cake mix of Betty Crocker Carrot Cake mix (not bad for $1.50) and made an 8×8 pan and 12 cupcakes to boot and still had about 1.2 cup left over. I also added coconut shavings to the 8×8 pan to add more texture and flavor to the box mix.  Continue reading